Pxp3 with no cart

The PXP3 is a video game handheld. It only plays Sega Genesis games. Only very few games are homebrew. Many are cut down versions of the real game. But there are some unmodified games. On start up you will see a 999888 in 1 screen there you will have some selection of games. There is 2 other lists that can be started when the right cart is inserted

The handheld features a full color front lit a rechargeable lithuim battery, 2in screen, a dpad, 4 game buttons( the buttons resembles the psp) and start, reset and select. there is multiple colors of pxp3 red green blue black pink grey but most common are red blue black green.

The PXP3 comes with two cartridges with multiple pins but only four pins it are used.It resembles the Game Boy Advance carts. But inside them there is no memory of any kind. Instead there is a conection between pin 1 and 4 on one cartirige and connection betwwen pin 3 and 4. When the cart is inserted the pxp3 knows that cart 1 or 2 is inserted so it brings up another list of games. All of the games are on the pxp3 internal rom.