Pxp3 with no cart

The PXP3 is a portable Sega Genesis/Mega Drive clone. Only very few games are homebrew. Many are cut down versions of the real game. But there are some unmodified games. On start-up, the system claims to have 999,888 games, though this is certainly an exaggeration. There are two other lists that can be started when the right cart is inserted.

The handheld features a full color front-lit screen, a rechargeable lithium battery, 2 inch screen, a directional pad resembling the ones on Sony's PlayStation consoles and controllers, four game buttons (which resemble the ones on the PlayStation Portable) and start, reset and select buttons. There are multiple colors of the PXP3; they include red, green, blue, black, pink, and grey (according to the box).

Technical detailsEdit

The PXP3 comes with two cartridges with multiple pins, but only four pins are used. They resemble Game Boy Advance cartridges, but there is no memory of any kind inside them and are smaller. Instead, there is a connection between pin 1 and 4 on one cartridge and a connection between pin 3 and 4. When the cart is inserted, the PXP3 knows that cart 1 or 2 is inserted, so it brings up another list of games. All of the games are on the PXP3 internal ROM. The game selection menus were probably ripped from an obscure bootleg cartridge sold in China. The music for the 999666 is actually sounding better compared with the other 2 menus. The select button is usless as the Genesis/Mega Drive has no select button.

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