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Pack'n Boy originally known as Pac-Man. Is a unlicensed port of the Pac-Man to the NEC PC-8801, FM-7, and NEC PC-6001 home computers. Developed by Compac and published by PSK in 1982.


The game itself is an accurate clone of Pac-Man with the maze turned on it's side to accommodate the screen. Unlike the original game, the dots have holes in them, points from eating a ghost change color depending on which on how many ghost were eaten before, Clyde is now yellow, (likely due to color limitations) and stages are now counted by the fruit that appears in the stage. (e.g Cherry = Stage 1) The Coffee Breaks feature different intermissions with the first one being based on the first Coffee Break from Super Pac-Man and the other two seemingly being original, with the second one featuring rocks from Dig Dug.

In 1984, Dempa would get the rights to port Pac-Man to several Japanese home computers. (Including the same computers Pack'n Boy was on) Dempa's ports of Pac-Man have a striking resemblance to Pack'n Boy. Featuring the maze being turned on it's side, dots with holes, a differently colored Clyde, and the words "Coffee Break" being in the intermissions. Even though it shares many similarities with Pack'n Boy, it doesn't seem to be modified of Pack'n Boy, unlike Taxman. The game is also credited to T. Tabeta instead of T. Maekawa. Likely meaning that Dempa only used Pack'n Boy as a base for their Pac-Man port.



  • Due to the game being renamed to Pack'n Boy, it's possible that they had legal troubles from Namco.
  • The NEC PC-6001 version features an I/O graphic which runs around the maze before the game starts. A red ghost featuring a bow, replaces Pinky. Predating Yum-Yum by 2 years.
  • This game, Galack, Star Struck, and Internal Trouble are the only Non-Eroge games by PSK. Who are most well known for the Lolita series. (named after the infamous book) Which the series features little girls in gruesome or sexually suggestive situations.