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Pandamar's title screen.
Hack of Super Mario Bros.
Developer Inventor
Original developer Nintendo
Console Famicom
Date 2000
Alternate names/hacks Pka Chu, Frog Prince, Mushroom, Hero Panda, Giant, Panda, Panda 2

Pandamar is a hack of Super Mario Bros. for the Famicom that replaces Mario with a panda. It was made by Inventor, sometime around 2000. Pandamar was usually featured on plug and plays such as the AT-101 84-in-1, and sometimes portable handhelds like the Coolbaby RS-16.


The game replaces most of the graphics and the soundtrack with a short, looping tune. A couple of sound effects such as the coin collecting sound was also replaced. However, the level designs are the same and unlike some pirated versions of Super Mario Bros., none of the known versions of this have the level select enabled by default. The music glitches upon completing a level as it hangs until certain actions happen such as losing a life.

Other versions of this exist as Pka Chu (Pikachu), Frog Prince, and Mushroom. These are similar, but feature different graphics and (in some cases) different music.



  • On the 101-in-1 Arcade Action II plug and play system, the music was replaced with a rendition of the famous song, Hello! Ma Baby.