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Pandamar is a hack of Super Mario Bros. for the Famicom that replaces Mario with a panda, among other things. It was made by Inventor sometime around 2000 and was often featured on plug-'n-plays, such as the AT-101 84-in-1 for example, and sometimes also on portable handhelds like the Coolbaby RS-16.

A diverse amount of devices included this hack, including not only ones containing other Inventor hacks, but even some that otherwise were completely devoid of Inventor hacks, where it would specifically replace the original Super Mario Bros. (in order to avoid copyright issues with Nintendo).


This hack replaces most of the graphics and completely replaces the original soundtrack with entirely new music of very poor quality. A couple of sound effects, such as the coin collecting sound and Small Mario's jumping noise, were also replaced. However, the level designs are exactly the same as in the original, and unlike some pirated versions of Super Mario Bros., none of the known versions of this bootleg have the level select enabled by default. The music glitches upon completing a level, freezing until certain events occur such as losing a life.

This hack appears to be based off of a pirated version of Super Mario Bros., entitled 2, s the title screen is a modified version of the title screen of 2 and Mario's name above the score counter is changed to "SCORE".

The game features new title theme music, unlike the original game which had none. There is also a second music track replacing the overworld music, underground music and castle music from the original game. The death and game over music tracks have also been fully replaced. The level complete music is gone, as well as the music that plays when rescuing mushroom retainers and the music that plays when rescuing Princess Toadstool. The title theme music also replaces the underwater music.

Other versions[]

There are several versions of this hack known to exist, such as Pka Chu (Pikachu), Frog Prince, Mushroom and Super Boy, not be confused with Zemina's completely unrelated Super Boy series. These hacks are similar to Pandamar, but feature different graphics and in some cases different, though still terrible, music. There is also a hack titled Impossible Panda, which features the exact same graphics, music and sound effects as Pandamar, but instead uses the level design and gameplay from an entirely unrelated Super Mario Bros. hack of unknown origin called Super Mario Bros. Frustration.



  • On the 101-in-1 Arcade Action II plug and play system, the music was replaced with a rendition of the famous song, Hello! Ma Baby.