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The VG Pocket Max is part of the VG Pocket line of handhelds.

The Pelican VG Pocket is a discontinued handheld series manufactured by JungleTac,[1] and they were distributed by Pelican Accessories (a brand of Performance Designed Products).

In 2008, the Caplet and Tablet models were finalists in the International Design Excellence Awards; they were designed by Stuart Karten Design, a Los Angeles-based industrial design firm.


Five different VG Pocket handhelds were created, all of which have a select number of built-in games. These games are mostly clones and hacks of NES and classic arcade games.

  • VG Pocket Mini: 30 built-in games and a 1.5" screen.
  • VG Pocket 50: 50 built-in games and a 2" screen. It is the first handheld of its type with a 2" backlit color LCD screen.
  • VG Pocket Max: 75 built-in games and a 2.5" screen.
  • VG Pocket Caplet: 50 games, including licensed versions of Space Invaders, Bust-a-Move and BurgerTime.
  • VG Pocket Tablet: 25 games, including a licensed version of Frogger.


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