Philko Corporation
Philko logo
Origin South Korea
Years 1985-1993
Consoles Arcade
Published games by Sharp Image (North America), Poara Enterprises, Pacific Games (Japan)

Philko was a Arcade game developer, founded in 1985-07-30 and closed in 1993, localized in Jongro-gu, Seoul, South Korea.

The company stopped their game business in 1991 and worked as a Construction company called "On-Gok" Until company shuts down in 1993.

List of games[edit | edit source]

Name Console Released Description
Atomic Point Sega System 16B (modded) 1990 Clone of Flash Point/Bloxeed
Dyger Arcade 1989 Shooting game running on Side Arms: Hyper dyne Hardware.
Lock On Sega System 16B (modded) 1991 Bootleg of Carrier Air Wing
Snapper Sega System 16B (modded) 1990 Snake clone with Wonder Boy in Monster land assets
The Destroyer from Jail Sega System 16B (modded) 1991 Side-scrolling game simillar to Jail Break
Turtle Ship Arcade 1988 Hack of Side Arms: Hyper Dyne
Whizz Arcade 1989 Released in North America as Twin Falcons. Runs on Side-Arms hardware.
Xyonix Arcade 1989 Tetris clone based on Atari Tetris. Uses Wonder Boy in Monster Land sound engine.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In 1989, Philko was rumored in EGM magazine of USA as the first Korean company to program games for the NES (Article EGM n° 4, Nov. 1989):

Philko Game EGM 4 nov 89.jpg

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