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Photon IK-02 PCB with the game slots (ROM chips) empty.

The Photon IK02 is an 8-bit arcade board made in Russia. It's a follow-up to the earlier Photon System (albeit weaker) and it was manufactured by someone under the alias of Union with the Russian Ministry of Culture.

System Details[]

Much like his predecessor, the Photon IK02 strips the BASIC ROM(s) of the original computer and only have the BASIC interpreter + game ROMs. However, this time, the game's content are now available as single ROM chips to be mounted onto the PCB, unlike the original Photon System's hardware card. Common with traditional Arcade games, where credits can buy lives or continues, credits for games in the Photon IK-02 gives time. In most games, it can stack up for at least 99m99s. If another coin is inserted, the counter reverts back to their added value, however, all the added time before is discarded, meaning that once the timer hits 00m00s, it boots up right on the attract mode again.

Technical Specifications[]

Unlike the PK8000 computer, an 8-bit Russian computer with hardware close to the one found in a stock MSX1 computer, the Photon IK02 is based on Leningrad-1, an Russian clone of the Sinclair's ZX Spectrum 48k. All of these games are available for proper ZX Spectrum machines, except that all games in the system are translated in Russian. The hardware is:

  • CPU: Zilog Z80 (1,78 Mhz)
  • Sound: DAC
  • Video resolution: 352x296 (50Hz)

Game List[]

Name Native name Notes
Broadjaga Бродяга Original game: Inspector Gadget and the Circus of Fear
Czernyj Korabl Чёрный корабль Original game: Blackbeard
Povar / Sobrat' Buran / Agroprom Повар / Собрать Буран / Агропром Original games: Cookie / Jetpac / Pssst


  • The games featured in Povar / Sobrat' Buran / Agroprom was originally published by Ultimate Play the Game, who later became Rare,