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Pigu-Wang 7 Hap: Jaemiiss-neun Game Mo-eumjip (ko:피구왕7합: 재미있는 게임 모음집, literally as Dodgeball King 7: A collection of fun games, also called as Piguwang 7 Hap) is an unlicensed multicart for Korean and Japanese models of Sega Mega Drive and Sega Master System, despite being sold only in South Korea. The cartridge features 7 games in a single 16MBit (2MByte) cartridge with no repeats, albeit all games were released in other formats or stand-alone without being licensed from Sega or Samsung. The Mega Drive version features the same content as the Master System version, by running in the system's backwards compatibility mode without the need of the Power Base Converter / Mega Adaptor to be used.

List of games[]

  1. Dallyeora Pigu-Wang by Open Corp.
  2. Jang Pung II by Sieco
  3. Toto World 3 by Open Corp.
  4. 94 Super World Cup Soccer by Daou Infosys
  5. Suho Jeonsa by Open Corp.
  6. Agigongnyong Dooly by Daou Infosys
  7. BugTris by Game Line


  • The boxart, the cart and the instruction manual themselves features Mai Shiranui, Yuri Sakazaki (both from The King of Fighters '94) and Necky the Cat from Famitsu magazine. While is not yet confirmed from what edition it comes from, all the characters were drawn by Susumu Matsushita.
  • The game selection menu recycles part of the title screen from Kung Fu Kid / Makai Retsuden. In the sound department, the music and sound effects comes from My Hero / Seishun Scandal.