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Pikagame or Pikágame, sometimes referred to as ぁどきおウか (adokiouka and sometimes shortened as adoki), is a Pokémon-themed PolyStation. It was sold sometime in 2001 by a Thailand-based company called PRIMA (บริษัท ไพรม่า เวิลด์ จำกัด bris̄ʹạth phị rm̀ā weild̒ cảkạd). The console itself is a standard Famiclone, and comes with a VCD, two controllers, a light gun (similar to the Nintendo Zapper), and one cartridge.

The Pikachu on the front of the box notably has an odd, white symbol on its head, a tail unlike Pikachu's and more akin to Raichu's, and a Star-Spangled Banner shirt.


PikaGame box contents

The contents of a PikaGame box.

Super 500 in 1

Super 500 in 1 title screen.

Each PikaGame system comes with its own cartridge (generally a multicart), which can vary depending on the unit. While a few of these cartridges contain at least one "Pikachu"-themed game, a majority of them feature no Pokémon-related games at all. Some known PikaGame cartridges include:

  • A "25-in-1" cartridge which, ignoring repeats, features 11 actual games. Notably, this cartridge variant features Super Pocket Monster, an uncommon title screen variant of Pocket Monster. The menu repeats feature particularly bizarre names, such as "Muhammad Ali" loading Baseball and "God Medicine" loading Circus Charlie.
  • A cartridge claiming to be a "7-in-1" on its label, though the in-game menu says "Super 500 in 1". It appears to feature roughly five games (repeated numerous) times, including Teletubbies, Soccer, Olympic, Duck Hunt, and Jewel Tetris.[1]
PikaGame contents

The inside of another PikaGame box, perhaps an early version. Note the lack of a VCD and the generic Famiclone cart.

The contents inside the PikaGame box are prone to changing based on the iteration of the console. While the core is the same - two controllers, a toy gun, a cartridge and the console itself - the labeling on the cartridge itself varies, and some fail to supply a VCD.

Japanese text[]

PikaGame box back green

The back of the PikaGame box

In the East, PikaGame has gained the nickname "adokiouka" through its use of butchered Japanese. The text which spawned the name and moreover is present on every version of the PikaGame box is typically placed right below the logo. Spelled ぁどきおウか, it is complete gibberish and holds no meaning. Likewise, the text on the bottom of the box reads:


Which, besides the word "PRIMA", is gibberish. The lower half on the back transcribed is much of the same.

ぁどきおウかくぇくぁえうるりえおらかゔぁなにのん。ゔぃぷぱぺづどくぃくきこかさふぃふふぉづどぴぬも 2001ずじしくぃくぉがはじゅじぇあういあおえうえあ。

It lists the release date however, that being 2001.


Pikagame 2

PikáGame 2, found on a Thai website.

The existence of PikáGame2 (PikaGame2), while confirmed, is much harder to come by. Very few images of its existence are available, but one can be found on a Thai e-marketplace. Many of the contents remain unchanged, save for a new artwork on the box. The Famiclone includes two cartridges, as opposed to PikaGame's one, and the controllers have been modified slightly. It comes with its own 7-in-1 cartridge, although the contents of it remain unknown.



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