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Ping Pong is a game developed by Hummer Technology originally for an unknown publisher in the early 2000s. It was also released by ABAB Soft on an uncited and yet unfound console or cartridge. Its only documented appearance is on the ZDog, a VT03 plug n' play released by Zechess in 2005. But it's suspected that the game also could've came with a Ping Pong paddle themed plug n' play, whether it was released or not is unknown.


The game seems to be a ping pong tournament, where you can choose to country you want to play as and play against other countries, the game has the same rules as notmal pingpong, and you are set in an almost first-person perspective.


  • Voice and sound samples are used throughout the game. although the voice/PCM samples are corrupted or not programmed properly.
  • The map on the title screen behind the player is the same/similar one used in Street Fighter II, also made by Hummer team.