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This article is about the Famicom game known as Plants vs. Zombies. For the Mega Drive game with the same title, see Plants vs. Zombies (Mega Drive).

Plants vs. Zombies is an unofficial port of Plants vs. Zombies, made in 2012. It was likely developed by Nice Code.


PvZ gameplay


Plants vs. Zombies utilizes the same engine as Angry Birds and, as a result, the music was recycled from said game. This port has fewer plants and zombies than the original but is considerably more faithful than the Angry Birds port. Plants vs. Zombies has five levels based on the first five of the official release.

Unused Content[]

Plants vs. Zombies has some unused content, most of which are likely unused due to the rushed programming.

PvZ numbers

The game normally only has five levels. However, there are some left unused: Level 0 and Levels 6-9. They can be accessed by setting 0x600 to a value based on the level number (e.g. the value 07 sets the player to level 7). Aside from Level 9, the player is redirected to the title screen after beating one of the unused levels; completing Level 9 sends the player to Level 0. The numbers 0, 6-9 even have an unused sprite, given the levels aren't accessible.

PvZ pause

A pause function was never implemented in Plants vs. Zombies. The similar game Angry Birds did have a pause option, and therefore the pause sprite went used. The sprite is misspelled "PAUS".

PvZ walnutunused PvZ squashunused PVZ unusedsunframe PvZ shroomunused

There are unused sprites for a decaying Wall-nut, a squished Squash, and even an unused animation frame for the sun. There is even an unused sprite of a Puff-shroom, which appears in later stages of the official Plants vs. Zombies.


  • The Plants vs. Zombies Famicom port was released alongside a Famicom conversion of Angry Birds; both titles are often bundled together in multicarts. A much rarer game titled Dance Gangnam Style may also be tied to this "set" of releases.
  • There is no single-game cartridge for this game and it can only be found in multi-games.
  • The dump of this game often freezes on emulators.
  • The title screen is most likely based on the loading screen of the mobile version of Plants vs zombies.
  • Potato mine and squished Squash don't function well in this game. Sometimes zombies can go through a Potato mine, and sometimes explode. A squished squash can jump right into a zombie and disappear, or it can jump ahead of a zombie and kill it.
  • Plants vs. Zombies, alongside Angry Birds, were leaked online by Maxzhou88 shortly after their creation. It appears that many multicart developers used these leaked copies rather than licensing directly from Nice Code, as evident by several factors regarding them (e.g. Plants vs. Zombies being overdumped in file size, as it is on most plug & play consoles).

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