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This article is about the Mega Drive game known as Plants vs. Zombies. For the Famicom game with the same title, see Plants vs. Zombies (Famicom).

Plants vs. Zombies is an unlicensed Mega Drive port of the PC/Mobile game of the same name that is made by BMB.


The game starts with a static photo of the logo along with certain characters (which do not appear on the gameplay). It cuts onto the menu, which is based on the one used in the Xbox port. There are three options, playing and an unknown one on the grave and the configuration, which is hidden in one of the flowers. The game starts with Crazy Dave talking to the player in a black background, which happends every start of the level.

The gameplay is different from the real one. Sun charges by its own and the player also haves a total of $100. Plants should be selected to plant instead of having seed packets, including the shovel. The order of unlocking plants has been changed, as well as being unlocked at the start of the levels and not at the end, for example, Cherry Bomb is unlocked at the start of Level 1-8 instead of the end of Level 1-2. There's no plants to unlock at the night levels and the only zombies to appear are the basic Zombie, the Conehead and Bucket Zombies.

The game ends at Level 2-10, with a simple screen where the zombies promises the player to not longer bother them.




  • Cybernoid II - Main theme (C64)
  • Harukamei Kasumo - Road of Darkness
  • New Order - Blue Monday
  • Kulor - Ocean Floor
  • Kulor - Robot Battle
  • Darkwing Duck (NES) - Sewers Theme
  • Boomlinde - Trinitron Sunset
  • John Silver - Shanson



  • The cone of Conehead Zombie may bug behind its head.
  • Levels 1-1 to Level 1-3 only allows the player to plant in the middle and both sides of the middle like the original game, despite the background having grass in all the lines.
  • Conveyor-belt levels, as well as Level 2-5 of the original game has been replaced with normal type levels.