Play Vision Portable Review

The PVP's box

The Play Vision Portable was a NES-On-a-Chip (NOAC) that looked liked like a PlayStaion Portable (PSP).


The PVP came around the 2011 (?), the console was an NES clone that has buit-in games. It used a Game Boy Advance SP charger, though the included charger has a European plug and it has been reported that the charger sometimes can't charge the rechargeable battery.

The PVP's Box

The PVP's box claims that it has 100% full color, the box also claims to have 8,888 "hot" games. The box also says "Super Big Screen, Super More Joy, Super More Games!"

List of Included Games

Due to the fact that the PVP has diffrent models, the PVP will usualy have different numbers of included games, but here's a list of games you'll usually find of the PVP:

The rest is unknown.


The PVP's box

File:Download (1).jpg

The PVP console and it's included contents.

The revision of the console, the PVP 2

File:Download (2).jpg

Another variant of the PVP 2, the box shows Mario and Dora instead. The box is also orange.

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