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Pleasant Goat
Title screen.
Hack of Banana Prince
Original developer KID
Console Famicom
Date Unknown
Sound engine KID sound engine

Pleasant Goat (also known as Banana and Sheep) is an unlicensed hack of Banana Prince on Famicom.


The game starts with an opening cutscene with a Pleasant Goat and a master eating bananas, but one day, a paprika dragon steals their weapons of the island, and the pleasant goat must retrieve them and defeat the evil paprika king, then the time screen with a head of a pleasant goat starts. The rest contains nothing more than a hack of German version of Banana Prince. The Banana Prince is replaced by Weslie, a goat from the Chinese cartoon Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf. The game starts with the apple forest level instead of the banana kingdom, but the player can access two banana kingdom levels through the password. However, the first level of the banana kingdom will play the first level of the apple forest instead.