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This page aims to list all instances of sampled music found in plug&play consoles, both in menus and games, in particular from Cube Tech.

Game Context Song
Aero Runner Unnamed racing game Nirvana, "In Bloom"
Animal Tennis In-game Prosonus MusicBytes - Central (CENTR1M3.WAV)
Apex Fighter Title Heller & Ohlen - Round & Round (Intensity Radio Mix)
Aqua Mix Title The Chemical Brothers, "Block Rockin' Beats"
Baseball (Nanjing, VT03) Title screen J & R Project - Keep It Up
Bead Matcher 2 Level 1 Valentino (Walter Murphy) - Tapping the Toe
Bee Jumper In-game Macromedia ClipMedia 2 - Klik
Blue Jack In-game Castells Project - Playboy
Bowling (Nanjing, VT03) Opening Blank & Jones - After Love
Bug Fight Intro Macromedia ClipMedia 2 - Nile
Bug Fight Earwig Appears Macromedia ClipMedia 2 - Klik
Build Man In-Game The Highlander - Inside A Dream (DJ Allan McLoud Club Mix)
Car Treasure In-Game Killer Tracks - Action News
China Corpse In-Game Paul Van Dyk - For An Angel
Combat Cars Stage 2 Valentino (Walter Murphy) - Excited
Color Balls Intro Eurogroove - Move your body baby (Extended 12" Mix)
Crazy Kart Title/end screen Valentino (Walter Murphy) - Sailing
Cross River In-game Michael Fortunati, "Give Me Up"
Dual Hoopers Stage 1 Sound Ideas - Series 4000 - Jazz, Music - Theme 1A
Enemy Hunt In-Game Macromedia ClipMedia 2 - Sarawak
Farm Keeper Title TM Revolution, "HOT LIMIT (T8-Floor P-Mix)"
Farm Keeper In-game Phaeax, "Talk About"
Funny Coins Title screen Masterboy - Anybody (Movin' On)
Genius In-game Macromedia ClipMedia 2 - Sarawak
Ghost Adventure In-game Killer Tracks - 101 Reveille
Gold Finder In-game Valentino (Walter Murphy) - Sailing
Harry In-game Ken Laszlo, "Hey Hey Guy"
Jump Man Title/In-game DJ Misjah & DJ Groovehead - Acid Energy
Jumper Overworld Silent Circle - Touch In The Night
Jumper Underground Steve Mason - Euphorium (_1EUPHOR.669)
Loop Legend Title David Lyme, "Bambina"
Loop Legend In-Game Groove Solution - Magic Melody '99
Loop Legend Scene Select Patrick Colby, "Mandrill"
Lucky Ball (VT369) In-game AXS / APM Music (Dune & Gentot) - Piano Travel
Match Up In-Game Christine Lauterburg - Vreneli Vom Guggisberg
MiWi BS-9800 Main Menu Corel Professional Photos - SOUND3.WAV
MiWi BS-9800 Mi-Games Menu Sega Rally 2 - Main Menu
Ms. Power Ball Power up Yannis Brown - 1, 2, 3, 4... Rock!!!!! (1234rock.mod)
Ms. Power Ball In-game Patty Ryan - You're My Love
Ocean Prospect (Cube Tech version) Title screen Masterboy - Anybody (Movin' On)
Oplayer MGS2401 Menu H.O.T. - We Are the Future (unknown remix)
Pets Crossing Title Roy, "Shooting Star"
Red5 Mini Arcade (05069) Menu The Rippingtons - True Companion
Robbers In-game AXS / APM Music (Dune & Gentot) - Piano Travel
Rugged Hammer Title Albert One, "For Your Love"
Shelters In-Game Macromedia ClipMedia 2 - Gamelan
Skateboard (VT369) Title Erotic Drum Band - Plug Me To Death
Smart Bomber Title Yannis Brown - 1, 2, 3, 4... Rock!!!!! (1234rock.mod)
Soccer Arkanoid Title screen Patty Ryan - You're My Love
Soccer Arkanoid Game Over Castells Project - Playboy
Soccer Ball (a.k.a. Strongman) Title screen Masterboy - Anybody (Movin' On)
Soccer Cup Final (Soccer hack) Title screen Guitar Attitudes Cuts Vol. 1 - Style Chemistry
Sum It Up Title Valentino (Walter Murphy) - Pep
Super Ping Pong (VT03) Title Robert Miles, "Fable (Dream Version)"
The Car Title Sugar Ray - 10 Seconds Down
Thumbs Up Mini Arcade Menu Prosonus MusicBytes - Power Lunch (LUNCH2M3.WAV)
Wireless Game Stick D10 Menu Macromedia ClipMedia 2 - Plus
World Soccer TV Game Title Valentino (Walter Murphy) - Sailing
World Soccer TV Game Menu Prosonus MusicBytes - Breeze (BREEZ2M3.WAV)
Worldwide Top Scorer Title screen Silent Circle - Touch In The Night
WOW Wireless Gaming Menu J & R Project - Keep It Up