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The Pocket Game is a Firecore-based Mega Drive clone shaped similarly to a Sony PSP released in Brazil. It features 68 built in games, as well as a cartridge slot on the top to play Mega Drive games.


The system itself is a Mega Drive clone console similar to the officially-licensed GenMobile by AtGames. Though it seems to feature better performance and sound quality compared to the system by AtGames. Just like the Portable Player, it features built in games; 68 in total. It also features a cartridge slot. (Though you can still use a Everdrive on it to play games from an SD Card.)

List of Games[]

The system comes with 68 games which bizarrely all have their title screens entirely removed. Likely done for copyright reasons.

  1. Raiden
  2. Sunset Riders
  3. Streets of Rage
  4. Sonic (Sonic the Hedgehog)
  5. Tiny Toon Adventures
  6. World Championship Soccer
  7. Doraemon
  8. Space Invaders '90
  9. Tetris
  10. Championship Pro-Am
  11. Super Volleyball
  12. Shove It (Shove It! The Warehouse Game)
  13. Flicky
  14. Fatal Labyrinth
  15. Columns
  16. Pacman (Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures)
  17. Alex Kidd (Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle)
  18. 007 (James Bond 007: The Duel)
  19. Batman
  20. Moon Walker (Michael Jackson's Moonwalker)
  21. Turtles 3 (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3: The Manhattan Project)
  22. Alisia Dragoon
  23. Tale Spin (TaleSpin)
  24. Shadow Dancer
  25. DJ Boy
  26. Arrow Flash
  27. Verytex
  28. Arch Rivials
  29. TechnoCop
  30. Aero Blasters
  31. Super Airwolf
  32. Alien 3
  33. Spider-Man
  34. Saint Sword
  35. Rumark
  36. Robocop 3
  37. Rainbow Island
  38. Phelious
  39. Donald Duck (Quackshot starring Donald Duck)
  40. Musha Aleste
  41. Mario Lemiuex Hockey
  42. Maou Renjishi
  43. Mamano Hunter Yohko
  44. NBA
  45. Kujaku Ou 2
  46. Juju Densetsu
  47. Mickey Mouse Castle (Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse)
  48. Hellfire
  49. Shiten Miyooh
  50. Golden Axe 1 (Golden Axe)
  51. Ghostbusters
  52. Fighting Masters
  53. Fantasia
  54. Elemental Master
  55. Dick Tracy
  56. Devil Crush MD
  57. Thunder Blade
  58. Dangerous Seed
  59. Chase HQ 2
  60. Battle Squadron
  61. Bad Omen
  62. Aws Pro Moves Soccor
  63. Atomic Robo-Kid
  64. Hokuto no Ken
  65. The Revenge Shinobi (The Revenge of Shinobi)
  66. Super Hang On
  67. Volfied
  68. Trampoline Terror



Chinese Knock Offs - Game Pocket - Portable cartridge based Mega Drive

Review of the system


  • The system shares similarities to the Pocket MD which also plays cartridges but doesn't come with games built in.