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Pocket Monisters [sic], also known as Monsters Pocket, is a series of handheld LCD games based on the Pokémon series. The handhelds are loosely part of the "POP Station" clone lineage (though likely predate the POP Station itself).


The handhelds are generally modeled after an original Game Boy, and feature one game per unit. Each system features the Pocket Monisters and/or Monsters Pocket name; the actual game titles, however, are only present on the consoles' packaging. The known games from the series include:

  • Pikaciu vs. Dino - A variant of City Fighter, a game commonly seen on "POP Station" clones; the character graphics are replaced with Pikachu and Charmander (the latter presumably being the "dino"). Some models feature a Pikachu wearing pants on the console shell; others replace this with an "imitation" Pikachu resembling a rabbit, alongside Ash and Charmander.[1]
  • Unknown game - Appears to be an elaborate clone of Pooyan; it is not directly based on the 1982 Gakken handheld. The player controls Pikachu in a flying Pokéball, and must shoot down Meowths flying upward in bubbles; the Meowths appear to be able to build up across the top of the screen and push boulders onto Pikachu.[2]



  • Pikaciu vs. Dino was covered in the April 2006 issue of "Electronic Gaming Monthly" by reviewer Seanbaby, as part of a section on general knockoff consoles. The article states that the console "looks like a Game Boy but plays like a sandwich", and dubs it "The matchup God never intended!".[3]
    • Other consoles covered in the issue are notably rare (or otherwise very obscure); including the Timetop UM6578 consoles, and two particularly bizarre LCD games titled "American Blunder" and "Long Love".[3]