Pocket Monster II is a platform game for the Mega Drive, and the sequel to Pocket Monster. Unlike the first game, no SNES port has yet been discovered.

This game is a significant improvement over the original.  The artwork is much improved, and the level design is okay.  For a pirated platformer, this game is one of the better ones out there.  It's still mediocre, but interestingly good.


Rather simply, you move with the control pad and jump with the 'C' button.  Unlike in Pocket Monster, Pikachu cannot use a screen-wide electric attack.  Instead, he can toss pokeballs with the 'B' button (when they are collected).  They can kill enemies, but are rather useless thanks to their lacking range.


It's no surprise that this has more than a couple of glitches...

  • Pikachu can only control the height of his jump while standing perfectly still, making it incredibly difficult to dodge certain enemies while progressing through the stage.
  • On that same note, Pikachu can jump down from vertically moving platforms (moving up) if he jumps too low.
  • There's an odd glitch that causes random hits on pokemon.  (If someone knows this, please fill this more)
  • Pikachu can jump again after jumping on a pokemon.  (Also applies to whenever Pikachu is damaged)
  • When a pokeball is tossed and on-screen, it moves as Pikachu does.


  • Some music tracks from this game were reused in Fengkuang Dafuweng (aka Crazy Richman/Crazy Monopoly) by Vast Fame.
  • Some of the opponents are based on enemies from the game Mega Bomberman.


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