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This article is about Pocket Monsters Crystal. For games with a similar title, see Pocket Monster (disambiguation).
Pocket Monster Crystal
Developer SKOB
Console Game Boy Color
Sound engine Lemmings
Oh No! More Lemmings

Pocket Monsters Crystal (Chinese title: 口袋小葉獸 水晶版) is a Game Boy Color platformer developed by SKOB. Besides its title, it has no relation with the official Pokémon Crystal, and is instead a pirate original.


The game is only four levels long, and the sole playable character is Chikorita. Most notably the game uses the same sprite of Chikorita that Pokémon Gold Silver for SNES, albeit here in 8-bit. Whether this game came before Pokémon Gold Silver or not is unknown, though it is likely they share some sort of connection due to this similarity.


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