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This article is about Pocket Monsters Crystal. For games with a similar title, see Pocket Monster (disambiguation).

Pocket Monsters Crystal (口袋小葉獸 水晶版), sometimes referred to as "Pokémon Chikorita" to distinguish it from the official Pokémon Crystal, is a Game Boy Color platformer released by SKOB in the early 2000s. Besides its title, it has no relation with the official Pokémon Crystal, and is instead an originally developed unlicensed game.


The game is a platformer centered around the Pokémon franchise. The player takes control of Chikorita and needs to defeat other enemy Pokémon while traversing each stage. There is only a total of four levels before the game ends with a splash screen showing Chikorita.

Most notably, the game uses sprites of Chikorita that look identical to the ones in the SNES game Pokémon Gold Silver, albeit downgraded in color. It is unknown which game was released first, but a connection between the two games is likely.


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