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This article is about Pocket Monsters Pikachu Stadium. For games with a similar title, see Pocket Monster (disambiguation).

Pocket Monsters Pikachu Stadium (怪物競技格鬥王(銅)), also known as Pocket Monsters Stadium King of Fighters (Bronze) and Pokémon Stadium (not to be confused with the SNES and Genesis/Mega Drive game of the same name), is a currently undumped game for the Game Boy Color centered around the Pokémon franchise developed by Good Life that was first released in the year 2000. It is currently unknown if this game is a hack of an official game or if it was built from the ground up.


The game's story is a bizarre take on the Pokémon franchise, with no trainers present and with all Pokémon being capable of complex thought and speaking in full sentences. It starts off with Pikachu, Bulbasaur and Charmander, who are friends in this game, in their home country of Japan, walking in a forest setting and then talking about how much fun they had. At least the background graphics in this cutscene are stolen from the original Game Boy Pokémon games. Charmander and the rest of the group then tease their friend Squirtle for slowly catching up with them. As the friends laugh amongst each other, Aerodactyl flies in and kidnaps Squirtle, remarking that "tortoise meat is my favorite food" and then taunts the group to try to find him. Before leaving, he summons three henchmen (who are also Pokémon) to deal with the group. The group then decide to fight the henchmen before setting out on a journey to rescue their kidnapped friend.

Unlike regular Pokémon games, this game is a turn based 1-on-1 fighting game, with characters appearing on the same plane side by side. Gameplay is similar to the SNES and Genesis/Mega Drive game Pokemon Stadium, where the player and opponent Pokémon have a set of attacks that match the regular attributes of their official game counterparts. A little bar at each player's side of the screen keeps rising then resetting back to its starting position when it is their turn, and depending on if you press A when the bar is at its peak, your attacks will be stronger. However, each attack has a set amount of usage points, and once your character has used up all these points you can not restore them. In addition, any moves in general will cause a second "skill" bar to go down, and once it is depleted, the player can not attack anymore unless they restore the bar by taking a turn out to replenish it. In this game, you also have the ability to switch Pokémon during battle. In one player mode, you do this by holding Select.

The game's basic setup involves watching your team confront and threaten Aerodactyl's henchmen in a cutscene, demanding to know where he is and throwing insults at them. Then, your team ends up in battle with the group of Pokémon involved in Squirtle's kidnapping. The game appears to take place in the real world, as when all enemies are defeated, they'll cave in to the group's demands and tell you a real world location that Aerodactyl is headed to. In each new area you typically come across a new Pokémon that decides to join your team (it's currently unknown if this aspect is included in the English version). After each battle and cinematic, a map comes up that depicts real world continents, and a small plane leaves a trail from your current location to your new location.



  • An English version of this game was released on the Super Color 40-in-1 multicart, named Pokémon Stadium on the menu.
  • Both the Chinese single cart and English multicart version of this game are compatible with the original monochrome Game Boy.
  • This game is currently unable to be emulated due to strong copy protection used in both the Chinese and English versions.
  • The dialogue in the English version of this game surprisingly contains a decent amount of swearing, including strong language such as "shit", as well as milder language such as "damn" and "hell".
  • Based on the map that appears before entering a new location in this game, it can be inferred that Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle reside in Japan. This is possibly a nod to the fact that Pokémon is a franchise created by a Japanese company (Game Freak).
    • Since an airplane is used to show where your team is about to go on the map, and it is depicted to travel between different continents presumably separated by water, it can be assumed that Pokémon in this game's world are capable of traveling on air flights by themselves.
  • The box art is based on the one used in Monster Dragon Tactics Card, another Pokémon bootleg original game from Good Life, except here only the three starters are present.
  • The Chinese version of this game is included on the Super Color 25-in-1 multicart, also named "Pokémon Stadium" on the menu and named "Pokémon 2000: Super Pikachu" (in Chinese) on the title screen. The label of this multicart includes the aforementioned box art.
  • This game uses music from Jinsei Game Densetsu for Game Boy by Takara. This soundtrack is also used in Good Life's Monster Dragon Tactics Card.

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