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Pokémon 4-in-1 is a multicart created by Mars Production at an unknown date which features four minigames, all of them starring Pikachu (or "Picachu" as it is known here).


All four minigames are unlocked from the start and are accessed from the title screen. In a somewhat similar manner to Action 52, the player can quit any of the games by pressing B on the title screen (with the exception of Picaslot, which doesn't have a title screen and is instead exited on the slot machine itself). Doing this will send the player to the Union Bond screen.


Pokemon 4-in-1-1

Picaclick's Tile Screen.


Picaclick's gameplay.

This game is a simple puzzle game following the same concept as SameGame where the player has to click on various items grouped together to clear them with the objective of getting as many points as possible. One difference between the two games is that pairs of items can be removed in this game, unlike in SameGame.


Pokemon 4-in-1-0

Pacman's Tile Screen.

Pokemon 4-in-1 (Unl)-0

Pacman's gameplay.

As the name would suggest, this is a copy of Pac-Man, which itself had a licensed/unlicensed NES port made by Tengen. However, the engine for this game seems to be created from scratch, with the game being slower paced than in that port. The graphics and sounds are different, with Pac-Man being replaced with Pikachu and the ghosts being replaced with Vileplume. The music track used here is an 8-bit rendition of 'Train flies fast".


Pokemon 4-in-1 (Unl)-1

Picaslot's gameplay.

This is a simple slot machine game with most of the icons being various Pokémon, with the exception of 7's and apples with worms inside them. The Start button starts the machine while the A button stops the reels individually. Strangely, this game suffers from flicker when the reels spin.


Pokemon 4-in-1 (Unl)-2

Pikadance's gameplay.

This game is a Dance Dance Revolution clone like several other pirates, with this one containing 3 different songs; Butterfly, Babylon ("Rivers of Babylon", seemingly based on the 1978 Boney M. cover version), and Sunrise. The game is controlled with the D-pad and face buttons. Notably, all of the high scores (including any that the player gets) have the name "DDR DDR," further showing that this is a Dance Dance Revolution clone.



Pet 4-in-1's menu screen.

  • Pet 4-in-1 - Total graphics hack, as well as removing Union Bond logo. This has only been seen on a Power Joy multicart, where only Pet Dance and Pet Slot are accessible separately through the menu, but the actual 4-in-1 menu (along with the two other games) can still be reached by pressing B on Pet Dance's title screen.