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Pokémon Crazy Drummer is a music simulation game developed by Tomsoft. Apart from "Pokémon" being in the title and a mugshot of Pikachu's head being used in-game this is a mostly original game.



Pokémon Crazy Drummer is a rhythm-based game similar to that of BEMANI’s DrumMania. A selection of modes are included, such as Arcade and Practice, with controller testing and options, with six songs including Dangerous, Think You, Relight, Bicycle, Reflect, and Clap. Three difficulty settings (Easy, Normal, and Crazy) and eight settings for the drumpad's timbre.


During in-game, notes scroll up on the right, where the player must hit the button that corresponds when the note is shown matching with the symbol. This was shown given points for every note being matched (100 by Perfect, 30 by Great, 10 by Poor or 0 by Miss). Results are shown at the end of each song, showing how many of each note if getting in each category. The score was multiplied by the value which comes from adding more points. Below with the opposition for Miss, it is multiplied by 10, therefore being subtracted from total, as shown from being passed or failed.


  • This is one of the games made with the TomSoft MegaDrive SDK, as stated in the header (SEGA MEGA DRIVE @TomXie 2003.AprTomsoft Studio SEGA Kit v1.10 By:XieRongChun).
  • If pressing every button, it would cause a lousy sound effect that will accommodate the interference with the music.
  • The music is taken from various songs in the APM Production Music library.