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Pokémon Crazy Hit, identifying itself as Crazy Hit 2 on the title screen, is an unlicensed Whack-A-Mole style game for the PlayStation featuring Pokémon characters.

The game originally came with a pop'n music-style peripheral called Crazy Hit, manufactured by U.F.O. Soft (who also created the Photo Hunter games), as the game was intended for use with the peripheral (the peripheral also came with two discs specially designed for it; Crazy Hit 1, the other disc, is currently undumped); however, the game could also be played with a normal controller. Possibly due to the branding, Pokémon Crazy Hit 2 were later independently released by bootleggers separately from the peripheral.

Due to the homebrew nature of the game, the title is very small by PlayStation standards, weighing at just 5 MB.