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The Pokémon Electronic Pet is a bootleg virtual pet handheld similar to Tamagotchi. Despite the handheld being themed after Pikachu, the actual creature in the game itself resembles no Pokémon.


The toy is a very crude looking imitation of the licensed Tamagotchi-like toy called "Pokémon Pikachu", or "Pocket Pikachu" in Japan, where you have to take care of Pikachu by feeding and playing with him. Unlike the official products, the bootlegs all have a Pikachu shape likely in an attempt to make their products more recognizable and trick unsuspecting parents into buying it.


  • Some versions of the device have text above the buttons that says "24in1".
  • A package variant of this item has a very crudely drawn diagram of the handheld itself on the back of the package. Other (possibly later) versions feature an actual photo instead.