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Pokémon Gold 2, better known by its pirate rerelease Pokémon Adventure, is a bootleg platformer released for Game Boy Color in 2000 by Makon Soft. This game appears to be built off of Sonic Adventure 7, which in turn was built off of Sonic 3D Blast 5 on the Game Boy.

Intro Sequence[]

The intro in the version of the game known as Pokémon Adventure features screenshots of specific Pokémon entries from Pokémon Gold's Japanese Pokédex, complete with the actual Japanese descriptions for each. The borders changes with each entry as each screen is a four-color BG image instead of being comprised of various sprites and BGs like in the official Pokédex from Pokémon Gold, Pokémon Silver and Pokémon Crystal.

In the original version of the game the intro is comprised of generation one Pokémon, with their Pokédex number and name beneath them. No copyright date is shown on the title screen.


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A screenshot of Level 1.

Pokémon Gold 2 is a 2-D platformer that plays similar to Sonic Adventure 7. Unlike its original hack, you play as a poorly drawn Pikachu, jumping over enemies and collecting Pokéballs, which have replaced rings but still share the same role. Pikachu controls and attacks much like Sonic does, both characters being able to spin dash, jump into a ball, and sprint. Most of Pikachu's sprites were ripped from Sonic's sprites, although heavily edited (with unused sprites more resembling Sonic's being hidden in the ROM.) while most of the graphics are ripped from other Game Boy titles, including previous Makon games.

There is a total of five levels in the game, all of which are ripped from the Game Boy game Bonk's Revenge with slight changes made to the level design and new layouts made after the original layout "ends" (similar to how Thunder Blast Man's stages are based on the NES version's with similar changes made):

  • Level 1 takes place in 3-1 of Bonk's Revenge, featuring the shrimps baddies from said game and the small grey droplet-like enemies from Antz. It is supposed to take place on the moon's surface but looks more like a field with slight technological aspects.
  • Level 2 is based on level 4-2 minus the cannons. Yambows from Rockman 8 and a squid enemy from Bonk's Revenge appear in this stage, though unlike in Bonk's Revenge the squids don't transform into smaller squids or a robot upon defeat.
  • Level 3 is based on level 6-2 with noticeable layout changes made. Koopa Troopas from Super Mario 3 Special and Metools from Rockman 8 appear in this level.
  • Level 4 is based on level 1-2 sans the cave openings that shows the outside. Crabmeats and Skorps from Sonic 3D Blast 5 appear here.
  • Level 5 is the final level in the game. It is based on level 1-3. Finishing this level will bring the player to an ending screen featuring Professor Oak with text simply saying "The End".



Box arts and Cartridges[]


  • This game was originally released as Pokemon Gold 2, which more likely came first as it lacks gen 2 Pokémon and the ROM's header for Pokémon Adventure mentions it as "POKEMONGOLD2". Aside from a different title and intro it appears to be the same game.
  • Interestingly, Pokémon Gold 2's intro uses the pre-release English names for the Pokemon showcased instead of using their official western names.