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Pokémon Gold Silver (Chinese: Pokemon 金銀) is a platformer based on Pokémon made by an unknown developer for the SNES.


Pokémon Gold Silver Gameplay

Pokémon Gold Silver's gameplay.

In Pokémon Gold Silver, you can play as either Chikorita (misspelled "Chokorita") or Waninoko (Totodile) through a total of four stages and a final boss fight against Mewtwo. Since the game uses the same engine as Digimon Adventure and Pocket Monster, the gameplay is identical in control and physics. Although there is a character select screen at the beginning, the player can switch between characters freely by pressing Select. Chikorita can temporarily fly by tapping A while pressing A as Waninoko makes the screen flash and freeze nearby enemies for a short period.

Aside from enemy and character sprites, most graphics appear to be stolen from various sources. Among the more obvious is the background of Level 2 being taken from the intro of Seiken Densetsu 3 (Trials of Mana), and the entire fourth and final stage being copied from the second level of Pocket Monster II. Some of the enemies including the Butterfree, Pidgeot, and Oddish sprites are also directly from Pocket Monster II, which could mean the game shared the same developers.


The music is stolen from Bonkers on the SNES.

Name Description Audio
Map of Hollywood The song plays on the title screen. [1]
News of the Robbery The song plays on the character selection screen. [2]
Downtown Streets The song plays on the third level and level starts. [3]
Luxurious Yacht The song plays on the first level. [4]
Heroes ~ Cast Roll The song plays on the second level. [5]
Sewer Hideout The song plays on the fourth level. [6]
Fight Against Time The song plays on battling Mewtwo; the final level. [7]
Wacky Studios The song plays at the end of the game. [8]
Lightning Sky The song plays on the continue screen. [9]
Lose Life The song plays slowly sometimes when the glitch appears as a broken graphic screen. [10]


Togepi in Pokémon Gold Silver (SNES)

Togepi, as seen in the fourth level.

  • Togepi makes a single appearance in the fourth level.
  • The Chikorita sprite also appears, albeit in an 8-bit form, in Pocket Monsters Crystal for GBC. What this entails is unknown.
  • Levels 3 and 4 can be finished within a matter of seconds by using Chikorita's flying ability to go right to the top left of the screen of both levels.
  • Certain parts of each level have strange glitchy SFX that repeat over and over for a short amount of time. Strangely enough, something very similar to this happens in Panda World (NES) which is a hack of Pocket Monster (Famicom).


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