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Not be confused with the Game Boy Color pirate game Pocket Monster Saphire.

Pokémon Sapphire
Hack of Pocket Monsters Sapphire
Original developer Game Freak / Nintendo
Console Game Boy Advance
Date 2002 or 2003
Alternate names/hacks Pocket Monsters Sapphire
Pokémon Lightning Sapphire

Pokémon Sapphire (also known as Pokémon Pirated Sapphire or Pokémon Bootleged Sapphire) is a pirated version of the Japanese game Pocket Monsters Sapphire for the Game Boy Advance released in 2002 or 2003.


This game, much like Pocket Monsters Crystal Version or Pokémon Green in the version of third generation, is a poorly translated version of an official Pokémon game with no additional modifications. The text is "Rejigger" is Option, Boy and Gal replaced Boy Girl in Japanese translation, the boy names is Karf, Jenn, Jon, Tom and the girl names Aida, Nina, Jane, Mary, the item is "Medicine" is Potion, FY AREA is Hoenn region.

Example texts of poor translation

  • Cannot realize mutual fight without connect line Can play one-man game.
  • Rejigger
  • My name is Odd! People call me Dr. Monster!
  • Poke monsteris mon
  • There is a species called monster living all around the world.
  • Monsters have lots of mysteries.
  • And I keep working to find these mysteries!
  • You are...?
  • Boy?
  • Or girl?
  • Are you [PLAYER NAME] moves to Tianyuan Town?
  • Ok. Are you ready? Let's Go!
  • Remover make marks on the case!
  • Ma: This is Tianyuan Town!
  • Ma: [PLAYER NAME], a beautiful home, isn't it?
  • [PLAYER NAME], your room is on the 2nd floor.
  • Ma: [PLAYER NAME], take a look at your room!
  • Aayaa!.. (Machoke take a box)
  •!.. (Machoke take a box)
  • Mo's favorite program!
  • Brain games!!
  • [PLAYER NAME], you are able to see map