Poke Tetris
Poke Tetris's title screen.
Console Famicom / NES
Sound engine Super Game (Konami)
Alternate names/hacks Pikachu
Falling Blocks

Poke Tetris (also known as Pikachu) is a bootleg Tetris clone featuring Pikachu.

Overview Edit

The gameplay is designed to play the same as Tetris, and appears to be a ripoff of the Tengen version in particular with similarly designed interfaces and 2-player modes. The game features the same music and sound effects as

A hack of this exists called Falling Blocks, made by Nice Code Software and included on many plug n play systems and a handful of multicarts. This version replaces the music with the soundtrack from Kero Kero Keroppi on the Famicom. It was later reworked into a VT03 version called, Triple.

Gallery Edit