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A PolyStation console, resembling the PS1 model.
System Famiclone

PolyStation is a Famiclone which resembles the original PlayStation. Its cartridge slot is located under the lid which, on the original PlayStation, covers the disc drive.

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The PolyStation originates from China and are often sold in South American, Latin American, Southeast Asian, European and Oceanian countries. It is unknown which company produces these Famiclones.

The PolyStation has two handheld variants with a small LCD screen: the PolyStation 2 and 3, both of which are copying the looks of the PlayStation 2 and 3 respectively. Both variants are included with an attachable controller. The PolyStation has another console variant, the Super PolyStation 2, which is another Famiclone but was designed to resemble the PlayStation 2.

The PolyStation's packaging often lies about the capabilities of the console's hardware. The packaging claims that the console outputs stereo sound, when in reality the NES is mono only and clone systems usually only have a single audio jack. The packaging also features screenshots of games from hardware more advanced than the NES, typically Mega Drive, SNES, or PlayStation.

PolyStation logo.

There are similar Famiclones also designed to resemble the PS1, including the PS-Kid, Game Player, PSMan, and Play and Power. Unlike the PolyStation, these clones have built-in games and are packaged with a multicart.

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