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The Power Games Super Entertainment System (also known simply as Power Games, and Powerzone) is a wireless Famiclone console that is sold in North America by an unknown company. Possibly the same people who created the Power Player Super Entertainment System, due to its similar name, and box design. It is manufactured by Sinango.


The console itself strangely resembles a Penguin with a Bow-tie. On the back of the console, there is a cartridge slot for Famicom Games. When turned on, its eyes glow red. There is a sensor on its belly for the RF wireless controller. The regular Power Games variant has a more custom, or should say more original controller design. The Powerzone variant's controller design is more reminiscent of a Playstation Dual Shock controller, without any analog sticks.


There are 111 in 1 games built in the console. In some cases, a 111 in 1 multi-cart is included with the console. So far there are 3 known versions of the built in games the console comes with.