The Power Kracker is an NES-On-A-Chip console that was made to look like the Xbox 360 controller. It is unknown who made the console. 


First appearing around 2011, the Power Kracker appears to include two controllers and a light gun (referred to as the Power Gun). Like many consoles with build in games, the Power Kracker claims to have a large number of games (76000 games, reportable) but really comes with a much smaller range repeated. It is reported to be a common Famiclone to find in American Swap Meets/Flea Markets. 


The 'Console' controller features 4 button lay out with symbols based on the PlayStation (Circle, X, Square, Triangle) with two extra buttons next to them, a Reset, Start, and Power buttons, along with a D-pad and Analogue stick. The Second Controller is simpler, but smaller and without the Power, Reset and Start buttons or the Analogue Stick.


The front of the box shows an explosion, the current year of release, and the controllers it includes. The back of the box shows 3D graphics and screenshots taken from other games, and a uncredited review claiming "The most impressive TV Game Machine made yet". It also shows the button layout for the main Console controller. Claiming to be Made in China, the Box features English only text.

Game List

While the console claims, 76,000 games, 73 are known, with a series of repeats. The Known Game titles on the system, which are repeated with different 3 letter codes are (complete with spelling mistakes, note some of these may not be the real name from the games, as they are taken from the in-game menu):

  1. 1942
  2. Antarctic (Antarctic Adventure)
  3. Arabian
  4. Arkanoid
  5. Balloon Fight
  6. Baseball
  7. Battle Field
  8. Binary Land
  9. Bomber Man
  10. Burger Time
  11. Calculator
  12. Circus Charlie
  13. Clay Shooting (Seperate mode from Duck Hunt)
  14. Clu Clu Land
  15. Combat (Field Combat)
  16. Contr
  17. Contra
  18. Desert Tank
  19. Devil World
  20. Dig Dug
  21. Doctor (Dr. Mario)
  22. Donkey Kong
  23. Dr Mario
  24. Duck Hunt
  25. Excite Bike (Excitebike)
  26. Exerion
  27. F1 Race
  28. Formation Z
  29. Galaga
  30. Galaxian
  31. Golf
  32. Helicopter (Raid on Bungelling Bay)
  33. Hogan's Alley
  34. Ice Climber
  35. Ice Ocean
  36. Jumping Kid
  37. King of Fighter (Yie Ar Kung Fu)
  38. Knight
  39. Knight Hero
  40. Lode Runner 2 (Championship Lode Runner)
  41. Lunar Ball
  42. Macross (Choujikuu Yousai Macross)
  43. Magic Jewelry (
  44. Mappy
  45. Mario Bros
  46. Mice Love Cat (Mappy)
  47. Milk & Nuts (Nuts & Milk)
  48. Millipede
  49. Monkey
  50. Pacman
  51. Pin Ball
  52. Pooyan
  53. Popeye
  54. Road Fighter
  55. Sky Destroyer
  56. Slacom
  57. Space ET (Space Invaders)
  58. Spartan (Spartan X)
  59. Speed Tank
  60. Sqoon
  61. Stae Gate (Star Gate)
  62. Star Force
  63. Super Mario (Super Mario Bros.)
  64. Tekken (Karateka)
  65. Tennis
  66. Tetris II (Tengen)
  67. Toy Story (Circus Charlie)
  68. Twin Bee
  69. Urban Champion
  70. Wild Guman (Wild Gunman)
  71. World Soccer
  72. WWF
  73. Zippy Race


The Power Kracker will sometimes be unable to power on, and the console would reset by itself. Many of the included games on the game selection menu had renames (example: Tekken is Karateka, Toy Story is Circus Charlie, etc.) Another issue is that (this always happen on pirate consoles) the copyrights and (sometimes) the title screen is removed/edited, possibly to avoid lawsuits. (example: the title screen for Mario Bros. has been changed to "Mr. Mary")


  • In 2011, the Power Kracker was called the Power Blaster, but changed to Power Kracker in 2013.
  • Due to the poor build quality, the console would sometimes refuse to power on and reset at ramdom times... by itself!


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