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Primary School Mathematics CAI (小学生数学 CAI) is an "educational computer" Famicom multicart, released in 1996 by Wai Xing Computer & Technology. It is reportedly the oldest known Waixing-produced Famicom title. The game would be followed by 1996 English CAI 3-in-1.


The multicart features four games/programs:

  • Primary School Mathematics CAI (小学生数学 CAI) - A set of math equations. It can be set from 1st grade to 4th grade levels; each grade level features different modes and options. Uses the Subor keyboard, whereas the other three games use a standard controller.
  • Hua Rong Dao (华容道) - An adaption of the wooden puzzle game, better known in English as Klotski.
  • Count 24 Points (算24点) - An adaption of the card game 24.
  • Guess the Zodiac (猜生肖) - A game where the player controls a bird to guess a monkey's zodiac. The actual gameplay rules cannot be determined; it is unknown if this is based on a preexisting table game.


  • The latter three games in the list are coded the same way as NROM/"mapper 0" Famicom/NES games. This - while standard for actual NES titles - is somewhat unconventional by "educational computer" standards, which often use more customized formats.
  • Hua Rong Dao would later be republished in various 2000s "plug & play" releases by Waixing, including a VT03 graphic hack of the game. A VT01 conversion titled Trizone Combat was also released.
    • Oddly, an unhacked version of Hua Rong Dao also appears in many PocketNES cartridges from the early-to-mid 2000s.
    • The other CAI titles were not reissued in any form, possibly due to their heavy usage of Chinese text (whereas the plug & plays were often designed to double as overseas imports).