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Prince Yeh Rude (耶魯王子) is an unlicensed Game Boy game released in the early 1990s. It is a block pushing puzzle game similar to Soukoban, but each level has a set of boxes with unique symbols on them that change every 5 levels, and unlike Soukoban, instead of pushing them into designated slots on the playfield, you have to push boxes with the same symbols into each other. It was originally released some time in the early 1990s, likely around 1993 or earlier, by an unknown publisher, and was a pack-in title for the Game Fighter, a DMG Game Boy clone. It would later be published again in 1993 by Gowin.


"Labooba, and old forest, there is a city called Daboos all the people live happily in this city.

One day, the Prince Yeh Rude found a jar beside the river in the forest, a cursed eaithern jar he can not wait to open this jar.

The Prince Yeh Rude was cursed to be a Beetle.

Now, the Prince Yeh Rude became a Beetle, the people in the Daboos City were cursed and all feel in sleep."


  • The Gowin release of this game would be re-released in 1998 and the early 2000s, both of which sport completely different box art featuring a beetle.
  • This game would be included in two multicarts released by Vast Fame: the Gold Version 12-in-1 (金版中文RPG戰略+動作+益智12in1) and the Shishang Chaoqiang RPG + Gedou + Yizhi Ban Zuhe Ka 18 in 1 (史上超強RPG+格鬥+益智版組合卡18in1). All of the monochrome games included in both multicarts are games that were released by Gowin in the 1990s, hinting that at least some staff from Vast Fame worked on Prince Yeh Rude and most of Gowin's other monochrome titles (save for Sound of the Pipa, which is credited to a company named AMind).
    • The version of Prince Yeh Rude on the 18-in-1 multicart has a couple known differences from the final Gowin release - the title screen in the 18-in-1 version has a small paintbrush move across the bottom of the screen before the words "PRESS START" appear after the logo is painted, while in the final version "PRESS START" simply appears after the logo is painted. In game, "STAGE" and "SCORE" in the final version are misspelled as "STAIE" and "SCORD" respectively in the 18-in-1 version.
  • The ending of Prince Yeh Rude has a "©1992 SYNTEK LTD." copyright notice next to the logo of Syntek Semiconductor Co., Ltd., an electronics company located in Taipei, Taiwan. This suggests that Syntek were at least planning to be involved in the production of the game in some way.