Prince Yeh Rude
Publisher GYY / Gowin
Developer Game Unlock Team Welcome Copy
Console Game Boy
Date 199X

Prince Yeh Rude is a pirate game of Game Boy published by GYY.

Overview Edit

The game is similar of 1942 and Donkey Kong Jr. Math taken from NES. The songs has also a children's music.

The game was written of the opening story:

"Labooba, and old forest, there is a city called Daboos all the people live happily in this city.

One day, the Prince Yeh Rude found a jar beside the river in the forest, a cursed eaithern jar he can not wait to open this jar.

The Prince Yeh Rude was cursed to be a Beetle.

Now, the Prince Yeh Rude became a Beetle, the people in the Daboos City were cursed and all feel in sleep."

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