Professor Pac-Man
Title screen.
Publisher Bally Midway
Developer Dave Nutting Associates
Cart ID(s) 573
Console Arcade
Date 1983-08

Prfofessor Pac-Man is a quiz game made for Arcade machines, developed by Dave Nutting Associates and released in 1983 by Bally Midway. Despite Bally Midway having a contract with Namco (now BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment or BANDAI NAMCO Games) to release games in USA (including, but not limited to PAC-MAN), this game, along with another three, was made without authorization of them.

Overview Edit

The game is a quiz game featuring PAC-MAN as a teacher and the player, as student. The player must think about figure differences in a set of limited time, and there will be always three options to choose, as the game has three buttons to play.

Trivia Edit

  • As said before, Professor PAC-MAN was made without Namco approval, releasing it a unlicensed game. This game, alongside with Baby Pac-Man, Mr. & Mrs. Pac-Man and Jr. Pac-Man was the reason to Namco not trust further in Bally Midway, and them, started the negotiations with Atari Games to publish some of their Arcade games worldwide, stopping with them (Bally Midway) around 1984. The paternship with Atari Games lasted until the early 90's, when Time Warner did have interest in the Atari brand again.
  • Bally Midway was supposed to make the game three versions of Professor PAC-MAN: One for people under 12 year, the second for general public at amusement places and the third for casinos, which could be featured real prizes. However, this game was a extreme failure, making only at 400 units of the standard game.