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Puzzle is a title developed by Idea-Tek in 1990 and released by various companies on both the Famicom and NES. The goal of the game is to solve sliding puzzles as quickly as possible.

Version Differences[]

The Famicom versions of the games feature adult-oriented puzzles in the later stages. These were replaced with harmless ones for every western release. Besides these changes, the Idea-Tek print differs from the American Video Entertainment release in having different music in-game, no music at the title screen and it mostly matches the Gluk Video release with the addition of Idea Tek Corp on the title screen.


  • The starting puzzle can be chosen with select on the Level screen after pressing start on the title screen. The Idea-Tek version does not let the player select a stage above 2-3. The later puzzles are still there, however.
  • Puzzle is Idea-Tek's first title.
  • A prototype exists featuring different Puzzles. The dump is unfortunately improper.