Title screen.
Publisher Sachen
Developer Sachen
Cart ID(s) SA-009
Console Famicom
Date 1990
Engine Own
Sound engine L.C. Tchacvosky
Alternate names/hacks Pyramid (Hacker International), Benthal World

Pyramid is a puzzle game developed and published by Sachen in 1990. It first appeared in Dong Dong Nao 2 as a minigame. The overall mechanics are similar to Tetris while the tiles shapes aren't. This changes the strategy on how to stack pieces.


The player has to stack wedged blocks to fill the play field horizontally. Due to shape of the pieces, it's easy to leave unfilled spots which make the line impossible to clear. The game offers a limited number of mines to let the player fix his/her mistakes. Since the pieces are smaller too, the player ends up clearing one line after the other instead of up to 4 in Tetris.



  • Pyramid II was released the same year. It features different playing modes, a better menu and a two-player mode.
  • While being in the SA line and published in 1990, the back of the box has the Joyvan logo next to the factory address. Joyvan was absorbed by Sachen in late 1989 and all Joyvan titles were released in the TC product line, so it is unknown why they put Joyvan logo there.
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