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Pyramid Creator (魔術金字塔) is a Game Boy Color game developed by Hitek in 2000. It's based on the puzzle game of the same Chinese name. It's believed to be the first game released under the Hitek name and appears to be their only puzzle game.


Pyramid Creator is a simple puzzle game. Each stage is split into 172 levels, And there's no 3D pyramid puzzle system. The game is currently undumped.


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  • Despite being developed in China, the text on this game instruction manual mixed Simplified and Traditional Chinese, a common trait in Hitek's earlier games and other early Chinese video games.
  • The game mentions Ren Yongming as a composer, even though the game uses music from The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening.
  • This game is compatible with the original Game Boy; however, for reasons unknown, the game is difficult to play on that platform.