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Queen Fighter 2000
Qof2000 title
QOF 2000's title screen.
Publisher Vast Fame (Taiwan)
Developer Vast Fame
Date November 2000
Engine Takara King of Fighters engine
Sound engine Capcom (Mega Man V engine)
Alternate names/hacks Gals Fighters, Queen of Fighting 2000

Queen Fighter 2000, Also known as Gals Fighters and Queen of Fighting 2000 (女王格鬥2000) is an unlicensed game produced in 2000 by Vast Fame.  It's an all-female fighting game based off of SNK's Gals Fighters title for the Neo Geo Pocket Color and is V.Fame's first "original" fighter (their previous one, Super Fighters S, is a hack of an official KOF game.)


The game itself uses Takara's fighting engine for their King of Fighters games.  The game has difficulty settings, a sound test, single player team and one-on-one matches and multiplayer.  There are 16 fighters to choose from, although the ending for each is the same.

Character Bases

Most, if not all, of the fighters in this game are based off of the graphics taken from official NGPC fighting games, despite the new designs.  They animate and play mostly the same, but the overhauled looks were a first for the company's fighting games, and easily the most ambitious.  All of the listed characters have their base character and game the graphics are from.

  • Bell: Kyo (King of Fighters R-1)
  • A-Mi: Shermie (Gals Fighters)
  • Kelly: Yuri (Gals Fighters)
  • Rina: King (Original)
  • Yuki: Mai (Gals Fighters)
  • Mico: Leona (SNK Vs. Capcom)
  • Eiza: Nakoruru (SNK Vs. Capcom)
  • Geer: Felicia (SNK Vs. Capcom)
  • Mia: Athena (Gals Fighters)
  • Regin: Chun-Li (SNK Vs. Capcom)
  • Cio: Sakura (SNK Vs. Capcom)
  • Kaoly: Chizuru (King of Fighters R-1)
  • Tanya: Iori (SNK Vs. Capcom)
  • Francis: Ryu (SNK Vs. Capcom)
  • Dina: Morrigan (SNK Vs. Capcom)
  • Satako: Geese (Fatal Fury First Contact)


Credits that are listed at the back of the game's manual.

  • Executive Producer: Lin Bizhi
  • Editor: Zhan Jiaqing
  • Graphics: Zu Zhenxin, Liu Hongyi
  • Music: Liao Yishen
  • Special Thanks: Guo Minqi, Zhu Zhenxin, Zhang Jiajun, Lin Cui E



  • Music from this game has either been reused or unused-but-present in V.Fame's later fighting games Soul Falchion and Super Fighters 2001 Alpha. Also, Soul Falchion contains leftover win portraits hidden away inside the game's ROM.
  • Two of the characters from this game, Cio and Dina, made guest appearances in Super Fighters 2001 Alpha. Unfortunately, the other characters aren't present (the idea was probably abandoned early in development.)

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