RCM Group
RCM logo
Origin Taiwan
Years 1990-1992
Consoles Famicom, NES
First Game Magic Jewelry
Last Game Tetris Family 9-in-1
Aliases RamCo Man International Co. Ltd., Rainco Man International Co. Ltd.[1]
Published games by Hwang Shinwei, Hwang Jiun-Ming
Related companies Jujing Electronics

RCM Group (RamCo Man International, Chinese name: 劍虹國際有限公司) was a Taiwanese publisher active between 1990 and 1992. It was likely set up by Hwang Shinwei to publish and distribute his games as well as multicarts, both locally in Taiwan and to the rest of the world.


Unlike the previous publisher Hwang Shinwei worked with, RCM was much more active internationally and set up export channels in countries like Canada, where the Golden Game cartridges were quite popular. In June 1991, several people were arrested related to criminal actions against a person named Tina Huang working for Rainco Man International Co. Ltd. RCM seem to have ended their international export business at that period. Their last cartridges, released in early 1992, were the Tetris Family Famicom multicarts, marketed almost solely in Taiwan.

Games published




  1. According to a press statement issued by Nintendo, see the activities paragraph. Likely a typo.
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