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Rad Racket: Tennis Deluxe II or Tennis according to TXC is a Tennis game developed by Idea-Tek for AVE.


The player can choose one of six different Tennis players they want to play as. Three different courts are available: glass(?), clay, or hard. Picking one only changes the color of the playfield. On the court, pressing A serves or hits the ball in a direction, while a backhand is done by pressing the B button.


The Famicom and NES versions of the game differ slightly. The Famicom version appears to be based on an earlier, unfinished, build of the international version.

  • After the end of a set, the number of victories is shown superimposed on the playfield in the TXC version with the values mistakenly swapped, while the NES version features a proper score screen.
  • Dudes with Attitude is advertised on the court borders. In the TXC version, the advertisement is already there but the text next to it reads "Should say with attitu". This possibly originates from a misinterpreted note sent by AVE to Idea-Tek after reviewing an earlier build.
  • Pressing Select spawns the rat on the TXC version. This may be a leftover debug feature.
  • The version found on the Maxivision multicart almost matches with the single cartridge version released by AVE except for the players' names. The TXC and Maxi 15 versions call them by their first name followed by "Expert", while the single release gives them proper last names.