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Ramar International Co., LTD.
The big Rinco logo used in The Dragon.
Origin Taipei, Taiwan
Years 1995-early 2000's (?)
Consoles NES/Famicom
First Game The Dragon
Last Game The Dragon (?)
Aliases Rinco, Mountain Wise International Co.
Published games by Ex-Sachen developers, Hummer Team (unreleased games)
Related companies Tony Tech

Ramar International Co., Ltd. (also goes by Rinco which is a shortened version of their name) was a short-lived publisher and manufacturer for Famicom/NES games. Their only known game to be released was The Dragon but their logo has shown up in the ROMs for some of Hummer Team's games.


As stated, The Dragon was the only known release by Ramar and was the first known game made by EX-Sachen developers. One notable thing about The Dragon itself was that it also used Arabic text which means Ramar most likely had their focus on Middle Eastern markets as well. At some point, they were supposed to publish Hummer Team's Space Shuttle Exploration but this game was never seen on a single cart, it was only seen on multicarts by either Trump Grand or ABAB Soft. However, in the game's ROM itself contains a Rinco logo but also font for copyright info, stating its copyright year as 1996. As to why this was released is unknown but it's possible they folded before Space Shuttle Exploration got a true release.

Their game division seems to have reappeared back in the late 90s/early 2000s at some point but their sole purpose was selling games and multicarts for mainland China only. However, there's no known information on these carts and since Ramar wasn't making enough profit, they decided to retire their game division once more. Afterwards, they started selling GPS and computers under the name Mountain Wise International Co., Ltd. and have no remaining recorded history.

Some Famiclones share the "Rinco" name such as the Thompsonic. They might've manufactured Famiclones at some point but it's unknown when these were sold.

Game List

Released Games:

  • The Dragon

Unreleased Games:

  • Space Shuttle Exploration (Contains Ramar and Rinco information in the ROM but the game wwas only released by Trump Grand and ABAB Soft.)
  • Panda Adventure (Contains Rinco information in the ROM but the game was only released by Trump Grand and ABAB Soft.)


  • Another company's name, Tony Tech, also appears on The Dragon's title screen. It's unknown if this is the true name for the EX-Sachen developers, a possible distributor for Ramar or another alias for them.