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Not to be confused with Realtek.

Realtec (和眾科技有限公司) was a Taiwanese publisher and manufacturer that is best known for publishing Super Game titles as well as a few Codemasters titles and a number of Sega Mega Drive/Genesis games mostly by AV Artisan. Realtec is closely linked to BIC, being run by the same person.

They also released a Famicom version of the Game Genie along with the release of several of Codemasters' NES games in 60-pin Famicom format. Some of them not released by Brazil International Corporation or not as a stand-alone cartridge such as BMX Simulator.

Realtec was also the parent company of Super Game, although these games were released under the name "Sugar Softec", presumably as a way to distance them from Realtec's more legitimate activities.

Beside releasing original work from Codemasters, AV Artisan and Super Game, Realtec had a high throughput of Famiclone cartridges. Single cartridges were catalogued using a three digit code (two letters separated by a dash and one number, e.g. H-C1 - Contra Spirits). Their multicarts don't appear to have followed any clear definite ID scheme. There exist a few identifiable prefix such as "SPC", "Top", "Vip", and "king". For their early multicarts, released mostly before 1996, Realtec sometimes added an english catchphrase either printed or gold stamped. Some examples: Novel Diamond Gold Card, "New Scientific Technique Gold Card", "High Standerd Card" (sic).


Codemasters titles[]

These titles were either released housed in BIC cartridge shells with a cover explicitly crediting Realtec or as a standard generic Realtec cartridge. The associated ID for the single release is given in the later case.

  • BMX Simulator (B-S2)
  • Boomerang Kid (B-K1)
  • Go! Dizzy Go! (T-E3)
  • Soccer Simulator (C-R2)
  • Super Robin Hood (R-D2)
  • The Ultimate Stuntman (Later cover, replaces the BIC logo with Realtec's)
  • Treasure Island Dizzy (D-Y2)

Super Game titles[]

Hack games[]


Here are a few typical Realtec cartridges.