BIC logo
BIC logo.
Origin Taipei, Taiwan
Years December 1986-2000s[1]
Consoles Famicom/NES, Megadrive
Published games by Codemasters, Gamtec, Super Game, Ei-How Yang, Western Technologies
Related companies Hosenkan Electronics, Tiger Electronics[2], Shanghai Paradise (?)[3]
Realtec (和眾科技有限公司), also known as BIC (Brasil International Taiwan Corp, 八齊實業有限公司), is a Taiwanese publisher and manufacturer that is best known for publishing Codemasters catalog on Famicom cartridge as well as a number of unlicensed Sega Mega Drive/Genesis games mostly by AV Artisan.

They also released a Famicom version of the Game Genie along with the release of several of Codemasters' NES games in 60-pin Famicom format. BIC was also manufacturing all the PCBs for Camerica releases, based on their having "BIC" PCB codes. Other Famicom releases included Videomation by Western Technologies (a licensed game in the US) and Fire Dragon by Gamtec.

According to the Oliver Twins, who developed games for Codemasters at the time, Codemasters had never delivered an authorization to retail the games on 60-pin Famicom cartridges[4]. Since the European releases of the Codemasters games were not manufactured by BIC, there's a high possibility that BIC licensed those games through Camerica, when the later was in need of funds.

Realtec was also the parent company of Super Game, although these games were released under the name "Sugar Softec", presumably as a way to distance them from Realtec's more legitimate activities.


Here are a few typical Realtec cartridges.

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