Red Pig
Red Pig's menu screen.
Hack of TaleSpin
Original developer Capcom
Console Famicom
Date 1993
Sound engine TaleSpin sound engine

Red Pig (Also known as Valiant Pig or Porco Rosso) is an unlicensed hack of TaleSpin on Famicom.


The game starts with a title screen with Porco Rosso along side the captain "Red Pig", The rest contains nothing more than a hack of TaleSpin. Baloo's main sprites and his seaduck are untouched, but his parachute's sprite is replaced with a poorly drawn Porco Rosso. The pause menu replaces Baloo's mugshot with Hampton from Tiny Toon Adventures. Also, the game starts with the baseball level instead of the first level with an option that allows the player to shoot bullets faster and 9 lives instead of 3.


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