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Retron 3 promotional image

The RetroN 3 is a 3-in-1 NES, SNES and Genesis clone console distributed in the US (and possibly designed) by Hyperkin, released in 2009 in black and red versions for $69.99. [1] The Retron-1 was simply a Famiclone and the Retron-2 allowed for SNES and Super Famicom games to be played in addition to NES releases, though Famicom games were not supported.

It was released after Yobo Gameware Co.'s FC 3 Plus and is said to be more compatible. Unlike that console it has ports for all three consoles' controllers (which can only be used to play the respective console's games), as well as its own wireless pads which work with all three. There are two known revisions, the latter of which has a higher quality NES-on-a-chip and is compatible with Castlevania III, which the earlier version is not. The newer version comes in a smaller box with the text "Tri-System" instead of "3 in 1 System".[2]

Now there is the Hyperkin Retron 3 HD that came out in 2020. it has HDMI and AV. It has better compatibility and has better quality. It comes in multiple colors and is $85.99.