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The RetroPort is a region-free adapter cartridge made by RetroBit that can play NES games on an SNES. It does this by using a SoC that is built into the adapter. So they technically aren't running on the SNES if more so on the SoC using inputs from a SNES controller. Unlike something like the Super Game Boy, which does run software separately, but "adapts" to it with the video and audio natively going through the console. It's technically "region-free" but it still plays PAL games at a faster speed than normal.


Incompatible Games[]

Some games are incompatible with the adapter for various reasons.

  1. Afterburner [background is invisible]
  2. Bandit Kings of Ancient China [does not boot]
  3. BattleToads [Freezes during second level]
  4. BurgerTime [does not boot]
  5. Castlevania 3 [freezes upon gameplay]
  6. Dragon Warrior 1 [does not boot]
  7. Gemfire [does not boot]
  8. L’Emperuer [does not boot]
  9. Laser Invasion [does not boot]
  10. Nobunaga’s Ambition 2 [does not boot]
  11. Powerpak [does not boot]
  12. Rad Racer 2 [distorted graphics]
  13. Romance of the Three Kingdoms 2 [does not boot]
  14. Uncharted Waters [does not boot]


  • A version of it that runs Genesis games on SNES called the RetroGEN is known to exist with better compatibility with games and without any sound or speed issues.