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The Retro FC is a VT02-based handheld Famiclone system manufactured & distributed by Anbernic.

The initial version included 168 built-in games, but subsequent "plus" versions were released with a different 168 game set, and eventually expanded 360-in-1 and 500-in-1 sets, although the 168-in-1 versions remain available.

The design and name has been widely cloned, with many copies falling under the Sup Game Box branding.


Retro FC

The Retro FC with its A/V cable and box.

The Retro FC is shaped similar to a Game Boy Pocket and has a striking resemblance to the Retro Mini. Multiple color variants are available, including black and white. It has a 3" backlit color LCD screen, four action buttons (two of which are turbo buttons), three additional buttons (start, select, and reset), a directional pad, a power switch, a volume control, a single speaker, and an A/V-out port.

The Retro FC is powered by a 600mA lithium-ion rechargeable battery (similar to a Nokia BL-5C type battery). The distributor claims its battery life is 6 hours. Its box includes the Retro FC game system, an AV cable, a user manual, and a USB cable.

The system uses a 128Mbit TSOP56 M29W128GL NOR flash memory chip soldered directly to the board.

Menu Music[]

The game select menu music is, like many other NES SoC from this era, Round 1 (Slum) from Mighty Final Might NES.

Game List[]

Number Game Origin Notes
1 Super Mario Bros. 2 Famicom NA version
2 Super Mario Bros. 3 Famicom Japanese 2-Hit Version
3 Super Mario World 9 Unlicensed Hack of Adventure Island 2
4 Super Mario 14 Unlicensed Hack of Kaiketsu Yanchamaru 3: Taiketsu! Zouringen
5 Super Mario Bros 6 Unlicensed Hack of Tiny Toon Adventures
6 Dr. Mario Famicom
7 Mario Bros. Famicom
8 Mario Is Missing Famicom
9 Mario's Time Machine Famicom
10 Super Mario Bros. Famicom
11 Sonic Unlicensed Hack of Sonic 3D Blast 5
12 Aladdin 3 Unlicensed Hack of Magic Carpet 1001
13 GI Joe Famicom
14 Mega Man 3 Famicom
15 Tekken 3 Unlicensed Hack of Tekken 2
16 Tmnt2 Famicom NA version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: The Arcade Game
17 ADVENTURE ISLANDND 2 Famicom Adventure Island 2
18 Angry Bird 2 Unlicensed Hack of New Zealand Story
19 CHIP DALE 2 Famicom Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers 2
20 Contra Famicom
21 contra force Famicom
22 DOUBLE DRAGON 3 Famicom
23 JackieChan Famicom
24 Little Nemo-Dream Master Famicom
25 Mighty Final Fight Famicom
26 Mitsume Ga Tooru Famicom
27 Moster in my pocket Famicom
28 Ninja Gaiden 3 Famicom
29 Plants Vs Zomb Unlicensed Original port of mobile game
30 Pocket Monster Unlicensed Original platforming game by Gamtec
31 Power Blade 2 Famicom
32 SNOW BROS Famicom
33 Spider Man Famicom
35 Tom & Jerry Famicom
36 World Cup Famicom
37 CRAZY CASTLE Famicom The Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle
38 Pac-Mania Famicom
39 RBI Baseball Famicom
40 World Cup Soccer Famicom
41 *1942 Famicom
42 ADVENTURE ISLANDND Famicom Adventure Island
43 Adventures of Dino Riki Famicom
44 Adv of Lolo Famicom Adventures of Lolo
45 Adv of Lolo 2 Famicom Adventures of Lolo 2
46 Angry Bird Unlicensed Hack of Moai-Kun
47 Angry Bird 3 Unlicensed Original port of Angry Birds
48 ARKANOID Famicom
50 BABEL Famicom
51 Badminton Famicom Super Dyna'mix Badminton
52 BENTHAL Unlicensed Hack of Pyramid
53 B-Wings Famicom
54 Dig Dug 2 Famicom
56 Exed exes Famicom
57 F1-Race Famicom
58 FLIPULL Famicom
59 GOONIES Famicom
60 GRADIUS Famicom
61 GYRODINE Famicom
62 Gyruss Famicom
63 Hello Kitty Famicom
64 Ice Hockey Famicom
65 KUNG FU Famicom
66 Mickey Mouse Famicom Mickey Mousecapade
67 MS Pac-Man Famicom
68 MUSIC MOMENT Unlicensed Original catch falling blocks game
69 Onyanko Town Famicom
70 Penguin Kun Wars Famicom
71 POOYAN Famicom
72 Pro Wrestling Famicom
73 Route 16Turbo Famicom
74 Seicross Famicom
75 SLALOM Famicom
76 Soccer Famicom
77 Solomon's Key Famicom
78 Son Son Famicom
79 SPELUNKER Famicom
80 Super Chinese Famicom
81 Track Field Famicom
82 Transformers Famicom
83 TwinBee Famicom
84 VOLGUARD 2 Famicom
85 Volleyball Famicom
86 Wrecking Crew Famicom
87 10yard fight Famicom
88 4mahjong Famicom
89 antarctic advent Famicom Antarctic Adventure
90 ARABIAN Famicom Super Arabian
91 balloon fight Famicom
92 Baseball Famicom
93 BATTLE CITY Famicom
94 Battle city 2 Unlicensed Hack of Battle City
95 Billiard Famicom
96 BINARY LAND Famicom
97 Bird Week Famicom
98 Black white chess Famicom
99 BOMBER MAN Famicom
100 Bomb Sweeper Unlicensed Original homebrew arcade game made in Norway
101 Box world Unlicensed Original port of Sokoban
102 Brush roller Unlicensed Hack of Crush Roller
103 BURGER TIME Famicom
104 Chack'n pop Famicom
106 City connection Famicom
107 Clu clu lan Famicom Clu Clu Land
108 CONTE ENEGY Unlicensed Hack of Lode Runner
109 DEFENER II Famicom Defender II
110 Deflower Unlicensed Hack of Lode Runner
111 Devil world Famicom
112 Dig Dug Famicom
113 Donkey Kong Famicom
114 Donkey Kong 3 Famicom
115 Donkey Kong Jr. Famicom
116 Donkey Kong Jr math Famicom
117 Door door Famicom
118 Excitebike Famicom
119 Exerion Famicom
120 Field combat Famicom
121 Formation 2 Famicom
122 FRONT LINE Famicom
123 GALAGA Famicom
124 GALAXIAN Famicom
125 Glommy chress Famicom Hidden Chinese Chess
126 Golf Famicom
127 Gomoku Famicom
128 Hyper olympic Famicom
129 Hyper sports Famicom
130 Ice climber Famicom
131 Ikki Famicom
132 Jewelry Unlicensed Original port of Columns
133 Joust Famicom
134 Karateka Famicom
135 Levin action Unlicensed Hack of Defender II
136 Lode Runner Famicom
137 Lode Runner2 Famicom Championship Lode Runner
138 Lunar Ball Famicom
139 Macross Famicom
140 Mahjong Famicom
141 Mappy Famicom
142 MILLIPEDE Famicom
143 Muscle Famicom
144 Nibbles Unlicensed Original port of DOS game by Damian Yerrick
145 Night arrow Unlicensed Hack of Galaxian that adds cheats
146 Ninja kun Famicom
147 NUTS MILK Famicom
148 Othello Famicom
149 Pacman Famicom
150 Pinball Famicom
151 Poker Famicom
152 Popeye Famicom
153 Pyramid Famicom
154 Raidon bungeling Famicom Raid on Bungeling Bay
155 ROAD FIGHTER Famicom
156 Sky destroyer Famicom
157 Small mario Unlicensed Original slot machine game
158 Space et Unlicensed Hack of Space Invaders
159 STAR FORCE Famicom
160 Star gate Famicom
161 Tank a 1990 Unlicensed Hack of Battle City
162 Tennis Famicom
163 UFO race Unlicensed Hack of F-1 Race
164 Urban Champion Famicom
165 Warpman Famicom
166 Wrestle Famicom Kinnikuman: Muscle Tag Match
167 Yie ar kung fu Famicom
168 Zippy race Famicom