The Revo k101 Plus is a gba clone that can run physical cartridges. What made it renowned among the clone community is it's ability to play gba roms on a special cartridge they also supply. In fact, it's called the best gba clone because of its high screen quality and overall build.


The K-card is the name of the special cartridge. Although it isn't a technically isn't a flash card because it doesn't work on real gbas, it works exactly like one. In addition, it can run nes, sms, gb, and gbc roms. Reviews evidently show that the nes, sms, and gbc roms aren't playable. Nes games have distorted audio and sometimes visuals are very blocky. Sms games run significantly slower. Gb games run smoothly though. Gba games run very, very smooth.


Along with roms, it allows playing of mp3 files, text file readers, a real time clock, a jpg viewer, and ability to set boot screens and backgrounds. If using physical cartridges, it functions that same as any gba.

My OpinionEdit

The Revo k101 Plus is definitely one of the greatest gba clones available. If you enjoy collecting these type of things, or just want to play gba games, I would recommend this console. Keep in mind the rom function requires previous rom experience. It is not hard to learn, but the supplier does not give out instructions. (see the DragonBox manual)

See the k101 pro, a knock-off of the Revo k101 Plus. It goes under the name of coolboy RS-97 and the Retro Game. All information is credited to youtube reviews and the DragonBox manual found here: I recommend reading it over, especially if you own a Revo k101 Plus.

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