Rock Hero EXE5
Rockman X5 Title.png
Title screen.
Hack of Castlevania DX (full version)
Publisher Sintax
Developer BBD
Original developer Konami
Console Game Boy Color
Date 2005
Sound engine Stolen from Castlevania II : Belmont's Revenge
Alternate names/hacks 洛克人X5(Rockman X5)

Rock Hero EXE5 (络克英雄EXE5, also known as Rockman X5(洛克人X5) on in-game title screen) is a game made by Sintax for the Game Boy Color.


A simple hack of Castlevania DX (full version), another game by Sintax, the only difference is that various sprites are taken from Rockman Zero replacing the Castlevania DX sprites.

Like some games of the era, the cartridge comes in a Game Boy Advance Shell.

The story is rip straight from Rockman Z 4 on the GBA, one of Capcom's licensed games.

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