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Rock Hero EXE5 (络克英雄EXE5), also known as Rockman X5 (洛克人X5) on the in-game title screen, is a game made by Sintax for the Game Boy Color.


The game is a simple hack of Sintax's Castlevania RPG games. It is not known which version of the game they used (Shengui Diguo E Mo Cheng, Castlevania DX). The only difference is that various sprites are taken from Rockman Zero replacing the Castlevania DX sprites.


  • The game over screen is directly taken from Zook Hero 3, another game developed by Sintax that was an original attempt at cloning the Mega Man games.
  • The story is ripped straight from Rockman Z 4 on the GBA, one of Capcom's licensed games. [citation needed]