Rockman X3
Rockman X3's Title Screen
Original developer Capcom
Console Sega Mega Drive/Genesis
Engine Remake of Rockman X3's Engine
Rockman X3 is a pirated port of the game of the same name, made for the Mega Drive by an unknown company.  There are two versions of this of this on the internet with slight differences between them, mostly due to stage music.



Fighting Blizzard Buffalo on the intro stage, even though this didn't occur in the original game.

This game is a port of the Saturn versions. Despite being a straight port, this game has many things missing from other versions, including the removal of Toxic Seahorse and Blast Hornet, as well as some stages leading to the wrong place, like Doppler's stage leading to Volt Catfish's stage instead. As well as this, all of the cutscenes from the original are missing and the rooms they take place in are either empty or replaced with a mini-boss. Some robot masters appear on the wrong stages, such as Blizzard Buffalo appearing at the end of the intro stage. Completing a stage doesn't give X any weaponry, and pausing the game doesn't bring up the weapon select screen. The game still has the possibility for the player to expand X's life meter by picking up hearts scattered across levels, but if the player picks one up with an already full health bar, the game will crash.

The graphics are mostly ported from the original game, although strangely the armor is taken from the first Rockman X. There are also many graphical glitches, including a large black space at in the intro stage's background. The music tracks are original compositions based off of the Saturn and PS1 mixes, as are the sound effects.

The game's raw tile data also suggests that other games' code was copy and pasted, suggesting that this version may have been a work in progress that was shipped out unintentionally.  There may be more updated versions present on multicarts.

The bosses in the game, while having a rather larger health bar, are pretty easy to defeat, however, as they lose a lot more health of out X's shot's than in the original game. Some moves were also taken away from the mavericks, as well. Some of the Mavericks are even colored incorrectly.


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