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Royal Card is a series of gambling machines developed and released by TAB Austria in 1991. Several variants of the game was made, many of them exclusive to Germany.


As usual, you play video poker with dedicated controls. Most of the text included in the game is in German, making it difficult to non-German speakers to understand what the game is waiting for your next move.



64 in 1 multigame ROM found in the version with Famiclone.

  • Inside some revisions of the machine, there's either a built-in MSX1 or Famiclone; with them, there are built-in games inside ROM chips. The game's main hardware runs on a system internally called System 7000, but is possible to toggle the modes of the two hardware boards through DIP Switches. This can be one of multiple examples of secret gambling machines.
    • It is not known how many MSX games is included with the MSX version, but on the NES version, it was confirmed to be an multicart with 64 games on it. In fact, it's the Supervision 64-in-1, as the ROM's internal name in MAME romset is 64-in-1 [a1][p1], which matches the name used in GoodNES' romset.

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